Private markets,


Caplight’s market data, price discovery tools, and derivatives enable shareholders, institutional investors, and brokers to trade the pre-IPO asset class with confidence.

Unique solutions for trading pre-IPO companies

and 150+ other late-stage private issuers

The clients we serve

Institutional Investors

Caplight helps the world’s leading VCs, LPs, family offices, and hedge funds gain access to the liquidity they need through a range of electronic and brokered marketplaces.

Registered Brokers

Many of the largest and most active broker-dealers in the private markets use Caplight to monitor price movements and market depth for the names that they trade.


Individual shareholders can monitor the price of their private company stock and use Caplight's unique derivative products to access liquidity in a tax-efficient manner.

Accredited Investors

Angel investors and high-net worth individuals can use Caplight to monitor the private markets and compare across the deal structures that are available to them.

As featured in:

Synthetic Trading

Express long and short directional interest through Caplight’s proprietary structures

  • Access more liquidity - synthetics allow investors to go long or short private companies without needing to locate the actual stock.
  • Tailored investment strategies - optimize for cash efficiency or tax efficiency instead of just ‘buy and hold’.
  • Risk management - protect your downside risk and generate income with hedging products.

Price Discovery

Standardized protocols and consensus pricing for the private markets

  • MarketPrice – daily, evaluated price feed with constituent view available for contributors and paying clients
  • Requests for Quote – get instant feedback on a proposed deal by anonymously distributing it to 300+ potential investors
  • Binding Auctions – participate in an exclusive auction for select Caplight clients

Portfolio Monitoring

Estimated valuations for audit and investor reporting workflows

  • Deeper insights - track the value of private company stock based on recent market activity (instead of marking everything at book value).
  • Market notifications - get email alerts as soon as price movements are detected for select private issuers or target sectors.
  • Automated reporting - receive a monthly digest with price movements and observed trades for a pre-selected set of issuers.

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